Thursday, 25 August 2011

Maya - Character Modelling, adding textures.

Slightly jumped forward here and started on adding some textures before the Zbrush work is complete. I thought it might be an idea to get at least part of the model near the end so the results of Zbrush could be seen and make sure it was working the way it was expected. All in all it's getting there.

Something I have noticed, particually from this render, is that some of the details painted in Zbrush haven't come across. I will no doubt revisit Zbrush to add the detail again more prominate and update the normal maps. The great thing about maps is that you can go back to them anytime to make them look better.


This is what it looks like in Zbrush. Nice and detailed, but.....

when I export the normal map it looks like this in MAYA. :(

Where the hell has all the detail gone? If anyone knows the best way to export normal maps from Zbrush let me know. Although my Zbrush crashes when I try changing some of the export settings, so maybe it's them that I need to use but my computer is not up for it.

I did try an odd fix for this, but it didn't work too well. I put the normal map throught a normal map generator I found and download and it gave some more detail but not quite what I'd like as can be seen below. 


  1. Amazing!!!!
    And you did it so fast too :o

    Are you looking forward to animating him ?

  2. I think it'll be a while before I get to animate it, but yeah it'll be great when I get there. It's not so much that I done it fast, it's more like I have nothing else to do, so I spend my whole day AND night doing it. I really don't sleep much anymore :(

  3. You should export the displacement map instead of the normals.